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Thank you for all the incredibly touching stories, amazing photos, and for inviting me into your world!  I have come to the realization that this is definitely not a one or two blog topic. The number of stories and pictures were phenomenal!

As I said in the previous blog, out of respect for your privacy, I would share only the pictures and stories I had permission to share. 

To the many extraordinarily, strong individuals whom allowed me into their lives by sharing their personal stories and pictures, from the bottom of my heart, I deeply thank you. Your stories and pictures were deleted after I read (many times cried), and then responded to your emails. Those stories touched home.  

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Once again, many thanks to everyone for actively participating! 

Wishing you the best adventures in reading and in life,

Sass :)

 Submitted by Amanda

I got my tattoo for my nanny (grandmother) on the day, which marked the ten-year anniversary of her passing. This was the only tattoo my mother approved of.

I spent my summers up North with my grandparents. I would swim, go on adventures and make new friends. Nanny was an artist, so together we would paint. I have painting she did of me in my apartment.

As years went on, she became my role model. I looked forward to going to seeing my grandparents for the summer, and couldn’t wait the school years to be done.

When we found out she had cancer, the thought of it just about killed me. I was still young, but I knew that soon enough I was going to lose my nanny.

On the night we got the call informing us she was in the hospital, I was packed and ready within minutes. The drive to get to her was the hardest it was 4 hours of my life. We were there a couple days before she passed.

On the day of the funeral, the one doctor I had been helping came to me and brought me a ty beanie baby. It was a white angel teddy bear, and told me my angel would always be watching me and believed in me. So I came up with this tattoo, so she would always be with me.

Additional tattoos from Amanda below. :)

Submitted by Cat Alley

My first tattoo is the heart on a cross with ivy cascading down and wraps into an ivy anklet. It is my own design, something I had been doodling since I was in JR. high. In art class, we had a chance to paint the drop down ceiling tiles anything we wanted.  My tile is a close replica of that tattoo (that is how long I have been drawing it).  The meaning behind it (as far as I can think) was a broken heart, always crucified for something and ivy is classic.

My second tattoo is a 4-leaf clover with my sons name above it.  The meaning behind it is that I had

cervical cancer when I was 23 and they said I would never be able to have children.  At 21, I had a miscarriage, and after the miscarriage, I was on for a fight.  At 27, I became pregnant again.  I was considered high risk, since I had a couple of surgeries and had an inhospitable uterus.  I was checked every 2 weeks by a team of doctors, and was hospitalized twice with pulled ligaments in the groin area.  He dropped 7 weeks earlier than expected, and was born 3 weeks premature at 7lb 2pounds, 21 inches long. He is my luck.

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Heather and Jeremy (husband and wife) submitted the following four pictures.

Attached is my original Gemini tattoo that was designed for me for my 30th birthday. I feel that I am a true Gemini.

I have my good and bad side (ha ha). 

This tattoo is called "The Mask of Gemini" 

Here is the tattoo I got for my daughter.

It is a purple Aster on my ankle with my daughters name above it.

She was born in September and it is the birth flower of that month.

My husband and I have similar heart lockets on our arms just in black and shading! 

His is more manly looking, hah!


Here is my husband’s tattoo tribute to his dad, Roger. 

Roger had been a truck driver for 40 years.

His is still a work in progress. 

It will eventually be his entire arm!

Submitted by Susan Hultcher

This unfinished tattoo is all I need to remind myself, I love me.  

Although my imagination is lively, I can’t draw to save my life. About three years ago, I was trying to envision a symbol that could be associated with one of my characters. It had to be simple, but capable of holding meaning for my storyline.

In the story, it’s called the mark of Anguni, but you don’t find that out until book three. For me, it is a marker that says, “I believe in me and I’ll never give up.”

My tattoo is not supposed to look like a tattoo. I wanted it to appear as a scar. Only, white ink fades in the sunlight. I heard rumors that a special thick, white ink exists, which lasts longer. It would be perfect to complete my true intention of the design. After asking many in the know, it seems I’m more likely to run into a leprechaun.

It’s okay, though. I’m not finished either.

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Submitted by Faith

This tattoo means "salvation" or "to rescue".

My faith is important to me, and that is why the cross is in red.

This is my second tattoo.

It is a rose.  I got it after my husband and I separated.

It didn't have meaning at the time, but looking back, I think I chose it because it was dark beauty. 


The last one is a tattoo that I got with my husband, we celebrated 15 years last year... He has the key on his wrist.

Submitted by Andrew

This is Moe, although Dad named him Molson. 

I was an only child, we got Moe when I was six. He was my best friend. 

As with most shepherds, he was intelligent and easy to train. It helped that my Mom taught me the basics.

We lived in downtown Hamilton. Moe guarded our house, our street and the alleyway behind our home. 

When I was eight, I became a latch key kid, and for a half hour to one hour, twice a week, I was home with Moe. I wasn't afraid because he was there to protect me.

Daily, I would go outback with Moe, show him any item such as a pencil, pen, eraser. Literally anything. 

I would tell him to check it, sit and wait. Then I would hide the item somewhere in the house. When I said, "Go find." He would fly into the house and search everywhere until he found the item. He would literally flip the cushions off the couch and retrieve the pencil or whatever the item was hidden inside.

Moe was stricken with bone cancer at the age of 10, it hit him fast and hard. In a matter of two days, he could not walk nor lay down. Dad and I would carry him downstairs and outside. It happened during Canada Day weekend. We rushed him to the vet who gave him a needle for the pain, and suggested we bring him back after the long weekend. 

That night he was fine, but the next day ... it was three times worse. As a family, we all talked about options. The vet said that we could extend his life another six months with a bunch of meds and a few procedures. As a family, we decided to end his suffering. 

That following Tuesday, we took him to his favorite tree, we all stayed there with him and said goodbye while we waited for his appointment. Dr. Vicky, Mom, Dad and my baby brother were all in the room when we said goodbye. Yes, we all cried. 

Cancer is heartless, it does not care about species, age or if the family is ready to let go. When the big "C" decides to strike and take a life, it is a merciless bastard! 

Thank you for considering my tattoo and story.

From someone who would like to remain anonymous

This is a Trinity Knot / heart tattoo. My tattoo needs retouching, and is in a place where no one but my husband can see it. This picture is nearly identical, although my colors are blue and red. :)

I got this on my three year anniversary with my husband. He is Celtic, and the Trinity Knot, also known as a Triquetra carries great value in his religion. 

He is Christian and strongly believes that the three points represent the three elements of the trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I am Neo-Pagan, I know ... hard to believe, but the heart wants what the heart wants. 

It is my belief that the Trinity Knot it symbolizes life, death, and rebirth. 

My husband owns my heart for all eternity, even after the shell that holds my soul ceases to exist. 

Sending brightest blessings to you and your readers Sass!

More great tattoos!

The following tattoo did not come with a specific story, however, I was given permission to share them.

Special thanks to all!

Brightest blessing,
Sass :)