Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Milk Does the Body Good

Like any other morning, I shuffled my way down the hall and few stairs, while checking each bedrooms as I passed.

Nice! I thought, The boys went to work with dad, which means I get uninterrupted writing time.

The welcoming silence confirmed it. I was alone.

"Sweet," I whispered and turned on the kettle. 

While prepping my mug, I notice the empty milk jug sitting on the counter. In Canada, we have bagged milk. Knowing fore well it was my youngest, because I recalled him telling me he finished the jug while we were watching Under the Dome, but I did not care.

Nothing was going to ruin my day! It is Tuesday, and I am alone with the voices in my head!  

That's alright, at least 'Kiddo' did not leave an empty jug in the fridge. Kudos, Mom, you trained him right! I mentally praise myself while heading to the fridge.

I search the fridge.

"Darn, guess I'm going shopping today."

I take a bottle of water out of the cupboard and head to my writing area, because NOTHING is going to stop me today!

Now, the OCD in me must do things a certain way. 
1) Turn kettle on and prep mug

2) Let dogs outside while waiting for kettle

3) Make tea

4) Take first sip while waiting for dogs to come back in

5) Retrieve bottle of water from cupboard

6) Light candle, say prayer and create ambiance by turning on music or a form of background noise. It is the best way to block traffic and other unwanted interruptions.

7) Emails

8) Updates

9) Write! Until I notice the dust. :(

While reading an email from a fun reader, I am quickly wrapped up into her story, when, suddenly, a man snorts behind me!

No joke!

I literally scream and stumble to my feet. 

That is when Copper (my 140 something pound dog), jumps up from behind my seat while barking and backing into the chair.

It causes a domino effect!
The chair startles him more, he spins back and head-butts the chair, which causes me to back up when the chair crashes into my foot.

"Copper, it's momma!" I shout as I back into the computer stand.

Fact: I am FAR from graceful!

Luckily, I catch my laptop (by the screen) while the stand topples to the ground.  

Copper sees me, and I've see those wide eyes before, they usually occur during thunderstorms.


"Wait," I command, while carefully placing my lifeline (laptop) onto the couch and my wide bottom onto the coffee table, which by the way, has wheels.

*shakes head* Smart like dump truck, I know. However (inserts pathetic attempt to defend self), for the record, it was not even seven in the morning!

Copper (the coward) puts his front paws onto my lap, smothers me with kisses and away we go! He takes me for a ride across the living room.

Why did this happen? Well ... yesterday, on Facebook, I foolishly welcomed Monday with open arms and not a darn thing happened! Lesson learned, and I will never welcome Monday until 9:55pm. Clearly, Under the Dome is the only reason to welcome Mondays. 

Because eventually, it will bite you in the Sass. 

Brightest blessings,