Thursday, July 11, 2013


When you read the title, did you automatically think of Tattoo from the TV show Fantasy Island?
Do you remember when he would run up the main bell tower to ring the bell and announce the arrival of a new set of guests at the beginning of each episode?
<---- He would shout, "The plane! The plane!"
If you were expecting Fantasy Island, then I am sorry to disappoint because this blog is about body ink. 

I absolutely, positively ADORE tattoos.
Yep, I said it! This old bird loves hearing the stories behind the art people proudly display.  
Sadly, I do not have any artwork to share, but if you have read Sweet Expressions then you have read about the tattoo that I would love to have.
This is not it, but I truly love the script.                                               ---->

Over the past few years, my admiration of body ink has grown to a near obsession. 
It is usually the first thing that catches my eye.
Whenever I see someone’s art I immediately ask, “Is there a story behind it?”
I love hearing the stories, and I have found that many tattoos are attached to a lost loved one.   
It is a wonderful way to create or continue the legacy of some special ... long after they have passed.
Therefore, I am reaching out to you!
Do you have any tattoos you would like to have highlighted on my blog?

Do they have a story behind them or did you pick the art for another reason?
If you are proud of your ink and are willing to share, please send a picture along with the reason you selected that particular design to and depending on the number of emails I receive, it could be displayed here!
*Please Note* I deeply respect privacy, and if you want to share but not have your tattoo featured, I will happily respect your wishes.
Looking forward to hearing from you, along with seeing your incredible artwork.
Wishing you the best adventures in reading and in life!
Brightest blessings,