Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's Time To PARTY (Cyber Style)!

 How many times have we asked, “Why isn’t it Friday?”

Sure … we’ve all heard the saying, “It’s hump day.” I am sure a guy made that up, and they are not talking about camels or the middle of the weeks blahs.  

Well mark your calendars my friends because Author Dean Sault has released his book and is throwing a cyber party! 

He has asked me to help host the event.

Those who know me know I am extremely shy and it takes forever for me to open up. However, when behind the keyboard, I can relax and be myself.

Warning … I can be a Sass minus the capital S. 

That's right! It is the other word for donkey. That's me --->

Tonight is party night and we are officially inviting EVERYONE to come!

Reader, bloggers, writer and lurkers. 

Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy an evening of chat, games and prizes. 

This will be two hours of unforgettable fun!

Here is the link:

Oh … and remember.

This is a cyber party, you can wear your pajamas, boxers or have curlers in your hair! 
We don’t care how you dress or if you are eating deep fried Twinkies (yep they’re back!) because this party is all about having fun and celebrating and awesome release!

Below are the details that Dean Sault has kindly provided.


Ghost of Lost Eagle Launch Party! 

Hosts for the Ghost of Lost Eagle Release Party are Author Dean Sault, Author Sass Cadeaux and Freelance Editor Sue Sault (yes, when a writer and editor live in the same house, it must be a two-story home so they can get away from each other!) 
Release day prizes for the games listed below – winners may choose one of the following: 
1) free copy of Ghost of Lost Eagle
2) autographed poster of the cover
3) $5 Amazon gift card. 
Winners will be notified during the event by a PM sent to them on Facebook requesting information needed to deliver the prizes (email address for e-book and gift card; physical address for the poster.) 
GAME# 1:  Chain story contest – I will start a fiction story with two characters and leave it hanging. Anyone can then add the next paragraph. Another person will then add a following paragraph and so on until we have a real story going. You can add as many paragraphs as you want, but there must be at least one other person’s paragraph between your posts. This story should be a lot of fun. Keep it clean, and enjoy the creativity of fellow posters.  
RULES (Yep, as much as I dislike rules, any contest must have the darn things) 
1) You must write the word “Chain:” at the beginning of your post to distinguish your contest paragraph from other normal conversation. 
2) Your chain-post is limited to 100 or fewer words. (over 100 words is a disqualification) 
3) The main character’s name must be included at least once in your paragraph. 
4) You may use first or third person, and change tenses, but be sure you are consistent within your paragraph. 
Judging:  There are three secret judges who will be reading your posts during the event. The chain story contest will end fifteen minutes before the end of this event so that judges have a chance to argue (knowing these ladies there WILL be arguments) to make their selections and submit them to me. I will post the results for the following categories:

creativity,  humor,  suspense,  dialog,  eloquence,  description,  change of pace,  emotional impact,  subplot,  character development 
GAME #2: 
Throughout the event, one of us three hosts will shout out, “PRIZE TIME!” This will be followed by a fun question. Some answers can be found in the book Ghost of Lost Eagle, while others are easily found by doing a quick Google search. We’ll even add hints or links. The first person to complete the task and post the correct answer wins.