Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dear Karma

Last night, Andrea and Colette came over with their two children, ages seven and two. 

They also brought their two dogs, Winnie and Lucy, to play with our pups, Bam and Copper.

The evening went well, Winnie and Lucy got along great with our two dogs. 

<--- Winnie is ten. 

When Winnie had enough, she went inside to enjoy the cool air. 

She practically adopted our basement as her new bedroom. :)

Lucy, Bam and Copper were frequently in and out.

For the entire evening, we had an enormous bonfire. 

The kids roasted marshmallows, my son played his guitar for a while, and they tossed the football around.

When it got dark, the little ones got to see the stars. 

I had forgotten how the city lights mask them. 

My son downloaded an app onto his phone that allowed them to know the name of each star. I swear they have an app for nearly everything! Click here for that app. 

The kids were excited to see Mars, Pluto and many constellations.

Then we began the fireworks.

If you frequent my blog, you know that Copper is a big chicken.      --->

When there is thunder and lightening, Copper is on my lap, shaking like a bowl full of Jello. 

<--- Lucy was the same. 

She could not stand the fireworks.

We put the dogs inside, excluding Bam, he stayed by my side. 

Andrea started the show. 

The first two sets were amazing.

Great show, Andre!

Once the first two set were complete, we took a break. 

We had snacks, roasted more marshmallows, and the kids were back to stargazing.

Then we heard the coyotes. 

I warned that things should be okay because they don’t normally come into our yard. 

They seem to stay away from our dogs; it is probably because of the size of them. 
My Copper is Sheppard Wolf mix, and, Bam is Sheppard Irish Wolf Hound mix.

Here is Bam. --->

This is when our fun night went terribly wrong. 

It is also why I’m writing to you, Karma.

During the break, Lucy and Copper came outside. 

We did not see whom they followed out, but they did.

Andrea lit a third set of fireworks.

Lucy and Copper bolted towards the front, where the street is. 

By the way, Karma, the speed limit on our street is sixty kilometers an hour, however; many exceed the speed limit. 

My husband, Colette and I saw them run.

While shouting their names, we chased after them. 

As Copper passed his favorite spot on the porch, lucky, my husband opened the door and he flew inside.

<--- Lucy continued towards the road.

The first car that was heading south, and was closer to Lucy, stopped.  

With time to spare! *whew*

The second car that was heading north, hit her.

The man who hit Lucy watched my husband run into the ditch to find her. 

That jerk did not get out of his vehicle or ask if she was all right. 

Yet, the people in the first car got out and called for help.

The man who hit Lucy begins to drive away!

The man in the first vehicle shouted, “Don’t leave! You hit their dog, get back here!”

Then, Karma, and this is the reason I really hope you hear this letter.

The man who hit Lucy, drives up to Colette and I and shouts, “Learn how to control your FU*@ING DOG!” 

He then screeches down the road.

At midnight, Lucy died.

That man went from the biggest jerk, to a heartless killer.

Andrea, Colette, and their two babies lost a family member.

What about that driver who killed Lucy? 

He got to drive away feeling smug because he hit a dog and told two woman off. 

I will never forget his voice.

I ask this, Karma, please find him and make him pay for what he did. 

I do not ask that you take a life so that he may feel the pain he caused, but rather, have him lose that vehicle he purposely used as a weapon. 

Possibly, have an old, dying tree fall upon his shiny toy.

Maybe you could give him a kiss of forgetfulness. Have him forget to put his weapon in park on an empty street (with an incline), and allow gravity to take control. 

Or, possibly, have sweet lightening strike it down while he is not in the vehicle.

We all know he could have avoided Lucy.

He chose not to, and judging by his words and actions, I am sure he thinks he was teaching us a lesson.

I personally shook hands with the driver and his passenger of the first vehicle, and I thanked them for trying to help. They were kindhearted people who really cared.

Dear Karma, please watch over them.

Rest in Peace, Lucy.  

July 1, 2014

Wishing you the brightest blessing,