Saturday, January 18, 2014



I love getting to know my readers on a personal level. Never have I referred to my readers as fans. To me, readers are friends I have yet to meet in person.
Fans are different, or so I like to believe. For example: I am a HUGE fan of Johnny Depp, which means I will never know him on a personal level, and, thankfully, my husband is kind enough to overlook my slight obsession. :)
Kelly, a reader I met on Wattpad back in 2011, is awesome! She has my full admiration. Allow me to explain. Kelly lives in Singapore. We have exchanged emails for quite some time. Back in September, she mentioned ordering one of my books through a site.
It was a pirate site. I told her how pirates worked, and thanked her for her support. Granted, authors make zero royalties through pirating sites. However, Kelly got the book she wanted in a reasonable time.
KUDOS to those pirates! They provided excellent customer service.
When I told Kelly, she could order the books directly through me at a much cheaper price, which included autograph and poster. She was delighted. 
*shakes head* If only I had known what it would entail.
      Kelly ordered Desired Nights. I headed to the post office and got the rates for shipping. One of the options was by paddle boat, and it would take up to three months! 

      We exchanged laughs about Jaws and bad weather. In the end, we chose shipping by air.

The first time I shipped the book, I put a little surprise in the package. A handmade fairy book mark, and an autographed poster that matches the book, The Secrets of Albion Falls.
On November 5th, 2013, I got a call from customs. I forgot to claim and add a value to the bookmark. Bad Sass, I know!
My logic?
What good is a surprise when there is a list written on the outside of the package?  I told them what it was and tried to pay over the phone. 
It did not work.
Kelly did not deserve an extended delay. Nervously (because that's who I am), I quickly put another package together, without the bookmark, and shipped it right away. Then I gave my sincerest apologies. 
It was and is unfair to delay any shipments.
Bad … bad Sass! I am a strong believe in customer service, and I don't like disappointing friends.
Over the next few weeks, we exchanged virtual teas. Kelly sent me virtual hot chocolate and hugs, during the ice storm. 

The ice storm video links are below.

     Video 2

     Video 3

    Video 4
We chatted about the different ways we celebrate Christmas, and sent New Years wishes to one another… sadly, no mail arrived to either home. :(
On January 8th, 2014 Kelly sent this email.
Hi Sass~~

*Tea party~* ;P

Need a little help from u... erm.. Is there like any tracking available for the book you've sent me? Cos I still haven't received it yet.. Sorry for the trouble yet again… sorry really sorry....

Sending u lots of and hugs~ & hot choco too~

      My response?

      Sass Cadeaux

      Are you kidding!!! Oh my Goddess this is crazy! I'll look into it and get back to you. xoxox
      I rushed to the post office and explained everything. The ladies were helpful. They began a full investigation and warned that it may take a couple of days. 

      On January 10th, I received this message.   

Sass!!! I just received the book!! Sorry for the trouble I made u went through. Thank you so much! It's awesome! I'm so happy n excited I received. Hee Happy happy so happy! Lots of hugs! Tytyty

Attached were pictures and awesome stickers. 
Kelly is a blast to chat with, and I love knowing her! She is a blessing, as are all my readers. :)
      The postal investigation continued. 

      It has to. 

      There is a book, bookmark and poster floating somewhere in customs. :)

      So why entitle this blog, Going Postal when clearly there is a happy ending?

      Well my friends, to this day I have yet to receive the first package I sent. Normally, I would be upset, and would inquire about the investigation daily. No ... not red faced or calling people names. However, a strong letter and follow up phone calls would be added to my daily regiment, but they are not.


      How can I be upset when I have readers like Kelly? 

      It is impossible! 

      She got her book and poster.  She is happy, and we continue to have our virtual teas. We share life stories, and, you know what? I learned a long time ago that if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.  

      With readers like Kelly, I am blessed, and I would rather cherish my blessing than pray for luck.

      Wishing you all the BEST adventures in reading and in life,