Friday, October 3, 2014

A Celebration of Authors

 A Celebration of Authors begins on Saturday, October 4th. 

This is an online event. 
Here is the link:

I will be there on Saturday from 11:00 am until noon. Those who attend during that time (and message me) will receive a free ebook of their choice.
1) Born Sacrifice
2) The Secrets of Albion Falls
3) Coalition of the Supernatural

Hope to see you there!

Sixteen-year-old Chanterelle Thrice lives a blissful life within her coven walls.

Confident she would become an earth dragon, a being humans refer to as an environmentalist, she spends her time focusing on ways to preserve nature.

Her powers attract dangerous visitors and multiple attacks, forcing her into isolation with the guidance of her coven’s six crones.

On the day of her calling, she learns she was wrong about her future.

In a nearby city, seventy-nine humans die. Doctors register the deaths as natural causes and sudden infant death syndrome.

Chanterelle’s calling?

She must pretend to be a normal teen while teaming up with a neighboring clan to find and stop an elusive killer. Her powers and destiny collide in a thrilling climax.

Will Chanterelle survive, or will she be the eightieth victim?

Born Sacrifice is a full length Fantasy Thriller.