Friday, November 29, 2013

What An Awesome Deal

Not too long ago, I invited everyone to an Online Party.
Now some of you might be thinking, Awe crap, not another one those. 

If you are, don’t run just yet! 

Hear me out (hmm is it right to say hear me our on a blog?) *shrugs* read me out, because I don’t think there has been another one like this.

Recently, I read and LOVED a book entitled; Maker of Angels. This book has it has it all! 
*raises hand in surrendering motion* 

Yeah, yeah, how many times have we all heard that?
Nevertheless, it is the truth.

Inserts a short plug about Maker of Angels. 
Once again, Author Dean Sault finely weaved an amazing adventure, which took me out of reality and into a world unlike any I had experienced before.
Kaga (although she is not the main character) is my hero, and by far one of my favorite fictional characters of all time! 

When I grow up, I want to be like Kaga. :)
I highly recommend this book!
Oh, and another exciting announcement. If you buy and read the book by December 8th, be sure to sign up for the Cyber Party!
Author Dean Sault, every two minutes, he will ask one question about the book. Until a total
of 25 are asked. The first person to CORRECTLY answer each question (including all parts of a question) will win an Amazon gift card.

Each question will stay "live" from the moment it is posted until exactly 2:00 PST. When all answers become final. If you change your answer, the time of the altered answer will be your official time, so it is best to make sure your first answer is as accurate as possible.

How to win: The earliest time of a complete and correct answer will win an Amazon gift card, plus an extra bonus entry into the Kindle Fire drawing. Bonus entries are limited to a total of five (5) that may be earned by any single participant.
After the contest closes (2PM PST), slips with EVERY participant's name, will be placed in a hat. An extra slip will be added for each "bonus entry" that was earned by quiz question winners.
After all participants AND bonus slips have been placed in the hat, one lucky winner will be drawn by Deans assistants (I am one of them) for the Kindle Fire.
The winner of the Kindle Fire, will be contact by direct message, via Facebook. He or she has twelve hours to respond, or the prize will be awarded to the first alternate.
So why blog about this book or party when December 8th is nearly upon us?
Well my friends, I guarantee you will fly through this book! It is that amazing, and even though,

Maker of Angels is a full 289 page novel, Sault has a way trapping you into his adventure with no
chance of putting the story down.

So, for less than $4.00, you will get hours of entertainment, the opportunity to win up to 5, $5.00 Amazon gift cards, and, a chance to win a Kindle Fire!
For those who prefer print copies, Dean Sault has your back as well.
Anyone who orders an autographed print copy directly from him, will receive a free ebook, so you can participate in the cyber party as well.  What a great bundle!
Click here to order your autographed copies. By the way, all autographed copies come at a discounted price, with a number verification certificate. 

Let’s face it, Author Dean Sault is a new author, but you never know who will be the next big hit! I purchased two as Christmas gifts, and I could not believe that I paid so little for top quality work.
So there you have it! You get to read an amazing tale, have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes, and even if you already have a Kindle Fire, if you win one at the cyber party, it is one less Christmas gift to buy.  

Be sure to join the fun! I will be there early to chat and share some more exciting news.
So what do you think? Share your thoughts.
Wishing you all the BEST adventures in reading and in life,