Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It. Oops! It Was Broke. I Better Fix It!

Have you ever bought a book that had errors in it? Of course you have, we all have.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have sat in anticipation, anxiously waiting for the next installment of my favorite series to be released.

Looming questions constantly reminded me each time I passed the calendar with the marked date of the upcoming release.

Will the main character finally see that a certain female character is their true love?

Does main character's family know that he is the serial killer the town has feared?

Who will catch that bast%&*d, and will he burn in hell for what he did? Lord knows I hope so!

FINALLY, the date arrives! I fly to the bookstore with high hopes and even higher expectations! With the new book in hand, I rush home, make myself a tea, sit in my favorite comfortable chair and, begin the adventure I have long waited for.

Suddenly, there it is, in black a white . . . a mistake! :(

With determination and the need to find out what will happen next, I shrug it off, and continue into the adventure. The adventure I have been impatiently longing for, and that moment when the impending questions will finally be answered.

Sadly, another mistake smacks me in the face. I shake it off and trudge forward. I mean, what else could I do? I bought the book. It is not as if I can return it. I need . . .  I must . . . I have to know how it ends! 

My life, and even my family's life will be on hold until I have read those final words. Dinner may become breakfast, depending on the length of the story.

What is the point of this blog? Mistakes, we all make them. Sometimes, it is the author’s fault. Sometimes, it is the editor’s fault. And, then there are times when words had been dropped during the transfer from the author’s manuscript to whatever publishing system was used.

Is there a solution? 

Not always, however, in the e-book world, Amazon has a solution!

First, I would like to express special thanks to Jo Pfander and Cat Alley. They purchased The Secrets of Albion Falls and noticed a few words were missing. Funny thing, they were not missing on my copy, but they were on theirs, and that is what matters most!

Is that acceptable? Yes, to some authors, but not me!

My beloved friend (and future copyeditor), sat down with me, and we literally tore the book apart. Four times the word “the” was missing, once, the word “to” had been dropped, and I believe, on one occasion, half a word was missing.

And to my eternal embarrassment, one word was misspelled four time. It passed by myself, two editors, a reviewer and some beta readers. 

You may ask, “What does it matter? The book was already purchased and those people are stuck with it.”


First, I would like express my deepest appreciation to all who purchased The  Secrets of Albion Falls prior to February 10, 2013.  Yesterday, I uploaded the corrected edition, and thanks to AMAZON, you can update your current edition at no extra cost! Below are the steps.

  • Sign into your Amazon
  • Go to your account
  • Go to the forth box down “Digital Content” 
  • Click the link ‘manage your kindle’ 
  • Any book that you purchased and were updated will have, after the title of the book - update available, underlined in blue with a dropdown box, click “update this title now”. 
  • It will give you a direct link to the updated version.

Follow direction to update or click cancel. If you cancel it, the option will be there later.

So, why am I telling you this? Why would I admit that there were mistakes in my book instead of fixing it and pretending it never happened?

Simple . . . you matter! Whether readers pay a dollar for an e-book, or twenty dollars for a trade paper back, readers have a right to top quality work. Without readers, a writer is nothing. We write for you!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for your wonderful support. You have given me the strength to step out and share my stories. Your support, your emails and your reviews are deeply appreciated. 

With much love and respect, 

Sass :)




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