Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring is in the air and my house has gone insane!

It is official. Spring is in the air and my house has gone insane!

Bam (my older dog), is energetic. He wants anything with four feet and a heartbeat.
Copper (the pup), is eying the quads and dirt bikes for a run in the backfields. 
Boomer (my not so small baby), well … if you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you saw the post. If not, it was a post quoting his quick-witted ways. :)
Hubby is cleaning out his garage.
The windows and doors are open, and although I have a lot to do, the floors are screaming for a waxing. 

Maybe I do suffer from ADCD? ------------------------------------------>>>

<<<---Then there is Brandon.  He is the Viking and helped inspired the character Ridge.
Brandon is preparing for a hot sauce challenge.  
The other day, Brandon came home with a new hot sauce that looked like donkey Pi— well, it was wrong. Very wrong!
Shortly after I wrote my morning Facebook post, Brandon walked into the room with his “special” hot sauce in hand.  

"Hey Mom, I figured out how to describe the taste of this hot sauce."
"Warning," I said with my hand in the air. "Anything you share with me may be shared with the world."
"That's okay, this isn't funny and you won’t want to share it."
"Alright, but proceed with caution."
“Okay, you know when you bite into hot pizza and that pepperoni with extra sauce lays flat on your tongue, you can feel it stinging your tongue, and it burns so bad that you have to peel the pepperoni off?”
“Yes, pizza burn, I warn you that your food is too hot. You burn yourself all the time.”
“I know, but I’m hungry and can’t resist. Anyhow, it’s that.” He then sticks his tongue out, holds it between his thumb and forefinger and proceeds to say, “Ith’s thath burn with thobatho sauce on thop.”

I broke into laughter.    --------------------------------------------------->>>

“So it’s pizza burn with Tabasco sauce. How is talking with your tongue in hand NOT funny?”
He let go of his tongue and chuckled.
“Well yeah that’s funny, but that’s not the point.”
“Fine, what’s your point, and I’m sharing this on my blog.”
“I’m going to beat the hot sauce challenge!”
He then groans, turns and leaves the room.
A few moments later, Boomer comes downstairs in full laughter.
“Mom, you’re not going to believe this! B is upstairs brushing his teeth in hopes to stop the pain.” He laughs harder and ads, “He keeps trying to convince me to drink that stuff. Yeah right … I like my taste buds where they are!” He laughs and walks out of the room.  

You may be wondering if this is blog worthy material.
 I think it is.

The past week has been a devastating week for our family. 
We lost a family member who brought joy, love and surprises to many. She was quirky, artistic, spontaneous, adventurous, and she was deeply loved by those she touched.  Her death had a huge impact on her dance students, a loving community, and our family. 

<<<---Brittany will be deeply missed.

So what is the point of this blog? 
Well, a sweet, God-fearing reader sent me an e-mail asking how I could share happy moments so soon after the death of a family member.

It is my belief that life is filled with different paths. Some are direct routes to success and happiness, and some are winding paths with the same destination. The difference are the obstacles we must overcome in order to meet our goals. I refer to those obstacles as life lessons.

The way I see it, the only way we can move ahead is to accept what happened and continue to share the good moments with others. Including the positive memories of those we lost … in fact … I am sure that our loved ones would smile and say thanks for continuing what they started, which was sharing love, happiness and funny moments with the world. 

Wishing you all an adventurous day filled with love and joy!