Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The COTS Series


The COTS Series - Book I 

Alexia Crandell is the first human to become an Enforcer for the Coalition. The Enforcers are the strongest, fastest, and most deadly of each being. Usually they are the second or third in command to the leaders of each pack, cult, group, or coven.

Within 24 hours of meeting her partners, Alexia’s understanding of the world is turned upside down, and she finds herself fighting for her life, and the right to be with a man she is forbidden to love.

Filled with vampires, necromancers, barbarians and more, this tale puts Alexia through a gauntlet of adventure, testing her trust, values and heart. While leading up to the realization of which path she must take.


NEW RAINE  The COTS Series - Book II

Nineteen year old Raine Lazzaro hated her home life. She struggled with her low paying, part-time job, while trying to save enough money for college. She desperately needed to escape her family, and their dark, twisted ways.

Finally, freedom was within her reach. She was given a full-time job in British Colombia, where she could live with her Aunt, and be able to save money.

The day before she was leaving, she went to a bonfire with her friends. That night, she met Vance, a handsome and sweet guy. Little did she know that he was vampire, and that her life was about to change forever. 

Raine always knew about supernaturals. Daily, she checked the COTS list for any supernaturals that were granted permission to visit. The only supernaturals that lived remotely close, was a small pack of werewolves, and no one ever visited.
Within weeks, Raine learns that her whole life has been a lie, that there are many different types of supernaturals that lived in her area, and that she is the Halfling, that the great prophet speaks of. How can she be the one, and what will she do? 


BROKEN     The COTS Series - Book III

Emilie is a kind woman, who is shy and doesn't know many people or beings. Her best friends are Hal and Gallagher, identical twins and barbarians.

Barbarians live in a black and white world. They either like you or they don't, and it is common for them to not like anyone.  

When Emilie meets Wade, her life mate, she fears that Hal and Gallagher may terminate him. She runs in fear of losing the one thing she loves almost as much as her barbarians.

Hal and Gallagher hunt her down, and soon she is able to have the life she has dreamed of-- or so she thought.   The Keaira clan has arrived in Hamilton, and they have different plans for Emilie.

How will she survive...if she survives? 



Sage Creek was raised in January’s Coven.

Once she became a teen, January banished her to Toronto, Ontario. She had to create and accept the life of a human, since that is what she was. Sage knew the COTS laws and she kept her Coven life a secret from most.

Kylie, her best friend, convinced her that going to a blood bar was a fun and exciting idea. Sage knew better, she had been around supernaturals her whole life. She fought her way through school and became a successful special effects makeup artist.

While working on the set she becomes friends with a small pack of were-cheetahs. Soon, and to her surprise, they become her roommates.

Augustus Silverthorne was advised by Athena, a head witch who helped guide his territory that his life mate was close by. He opened Desired Nights, a blood bar, to the public in hopes of finding his life mate.

Sage was everything he’d hoped for. Now it was a matter of making her see that he was the one for her.



Desperate to make ends meet, Aleesa Sidonie accepts a position as a server at Sweet Expressions.

Sweet Expressions is a popular blood bar, which serves all being, and is one of the few blood bars that provide live feedings to vampires.

Aleesa makes friends with most of her coworkers and soon discovers that her boss is much more than he first appeared to be.

In little time, Aleesa's life spirals into a chilling adventure of romance and tragedy.