Sunday, September 2, 2012


I am not blogging this for sales ... this is a warning to all readers (friends).

Who am I? I am Sass Cadeaux, I am an underground writer who stepped out of the darkness … or so I thought. However, what I’ve experienced in the past year has made my hair curl.

I charge what it cost to publish the book, including cover art and editing service. I try as hard as I can to keep the cost as low as possible for my readers (friends); and when this was brought to my attention … I nearly fainted!

A reader was excited about purchasing a used copy of New Raine for $54.00 Canadian. That is wrong! I advised them of my Author Spotlight Link and showed them the rates. They were being overcharged, and I can’t sit back and watch such a horrible thing happen to any reader (friend) of mine!

If there was a SAFE way to share my stories for free … I would! This breaks my heart to see my stories being overcharged. If you want a copy one of my books and cannot find them on the internet, email me at
I’d be happy to help. But what that reader (friend) experienced was wrong!

The only thing I’ve asked of my readers is IF they liked the story … please share it with your friends. I’ve never asked them to recommend buying my books, and I make sure that I DON’T limit the amount of downloads. Pay for it once and share it 1000 times ... GREAT!!! I am all for that!

The COTS Series is NOT my income! It is a part of me, and I am not selling a part of me for profit, I am sharing my stories the SAFEST way I possibly can. Every dollar I make goes towards the next release, the website and yes … if any funds are left over they go to charity!

I know that I’m blessed with the best readers (friends) ever! They support my stories and understand me. I love them for who they are … just as they accept me for being me.

Not only do I find what happened to my reader (friend) painfully insulting, I am deeply offended and hurt for all my readers (friends). Please see the links below, they are safe to buy from and the prices are correct.

If you know someone who already purchased a story of mine, borrow it, read it and, I hope that it helps you escape reality!

I share the first five chapters of each story on Wattpad, each story has a copyright and they are mine. Those five chapters are raw, without edit, but they give you a clear understanding of the storyline. Please feel free to check them out!

You can buy The COTS Series directly from my author link at
Autograph copies from
The cost is a little higher, but only for the additional shipping and handling, and not for the autograph! The autograph is free!
Blessed be,
Sass :)