Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What does a regular person blog about?

So here I am, Sass Cadeaux, blogging. I asked my editor and friend what I am supposed to blog about. She said what I do on a daily basis, life, family, if I'm going to the grocery store...basically what other authors, actors and people in the public eye blog about.

My response..."But I'm Sass, I am nothing special nor am I exciting."

Her response... "Your readers and fans may think differently, they want to get to know you. How you come up with your stories and things like that."

How do I come up with my stories? Some are based on dreams that I remember, some are based on my incredible family showing traits that you wouldn't normally see in other people. My husband is a barbarian in every way. My son Andrew is a vampire, no other way to describe him; and my youngest son DJ is a necromancer, he brings life into things that society may have forgotten.

What do I mean? Well, my husband will speak his mind without worry of what others think. He says it like it is, he has embarrassed me, but he's also made me proud that he is who he is. With him it's black or white, good or bad and right or wrong--he doesn't see gray, he is married and gives me his all. He is a roofer and when we hit hard times, he once put a roof on a house in the middle of a snowstorm at seven dollars a bundle just to make sure that we could buy the medication for our son and put food on the table.

He is a barbarian...in my eyes a barbarian will tear a tree out of the ground to build a shelter for the ones he loves. A barbarian will kill to protect and he will love with all his heart. He will not share his heart with many, but the few that he does will know that they matter. That is my husband. He is without prejudice, one of the most important guys in my life. He knows he's not number one because of our boys, he knows that our children surmount him but that without him, we wouldn't be a family.

Why do I say my son Andrew is a vampire? Well, to me a vampire is passionate about life, music and, basically, everything. I believe a vampire wears their heart on their sleeve. They've lived a long life and see the world differently than most. That is without a doubt my Andrew.

Andrew is passionate about his art, his music (his guitar is his first real love) and his family. He loves wholeheartedly and when he falls for someone, she is all he sees. If another girl flirts with him, he doesn't see it because he's in love and that woman is the only woman in the world. He's a lot like his dad in that aspect.

When Andrew's in love...he worries, loves and gives his all to her.  I've witnessed his first love, first break up and his broken heart. I was helpless, and I hated how I couldn't fix that one injury. No band aid can mend a broken heart, time was his only cure and I couldn't make time speed up. Just thinking about it makes me cringe.

Why is DJ a necromancer? A necromancer brings life to the dead. Now, I admit, that's a gruesome way to look at things, but hear me out. DJ is different than most boys his age. He loves playing football, his guitar and video games like any other boy. But unlike others his age, he loves playing songs on his guitar by the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Nirvana, and Def Leppard, whereas, his brother plays much heavier music. Drew is into Metallica, Megadeth and Slipknot. DJ isn't into a single type of music, he loves basically every genre you could think of; and, somehow, when he plays it, it's as if he's bringing new life into an old song.

DJ is a writer; his stories are unique and amazing, and he writes songs that tug on my heartstrings, make my foot tap and brings a sense of joy just by hearing him sing. Maybe I'm biased (and I'm sure I am) but when I read or hear his work, he brings out emotions in me that I cannot put into words.

And then there's me...boring, regular Sass. I am neither tall nor short. I am not pretty nor am I ugly. I'm not thin nor am I large. I am just plain, boring, nothing out of the norm, Sass.

What does a regular person blog about? What makes me any more special than another? Nothing! Not a darn thing. That is why I don't see fans as fans. My fans are my new friends that I haven't met in person just yet.

My fans and I have a lot in common. We share the same passion for reading, storytelling and life. We love reading about love, falling in love, adventure, humor, vampires, were-animals and, basically, all supernaturals. I write and share my stories with this amazing world. I love my family, hiking, nature, writing and this incredible world as a whole.

There are days when I sit at the dinner table, where I sit back and look at my family in awe. I live with a barbarian, a vampire and a necromancer. We are not rich in funds but we are rich in love. I am the luckiest (average) woman in the world.

So this is me, Sass, sharing my blog with you, the amazing world. I hope I haven't bored you and I hope to hear from you soon. More to come and much more to share. Oh, by the way...if you have a chance, check out my books on Lulu.

Wishing you the best adventures in reading, writing and in life!